Welcome! I’m Lee Firestone Dunne, poet, writer, workshop designer. I grew up on a County Farm in Ohio, have lived in  New York and Boston, and moved to Santa Fe in 2008. From childhood, I’ve treasured poets and poetry, and in the latter part of this life, began actually writing poetry. The first result was Cocktail Shaker,  published in 2009.  Since I love reading about poets and reading poetry I decided WHY NOT NOW — begin to write about poets and poetry.   My heart said YES. My mission: to share musings on poets and poetry and related topics and events. And especially to welcome guest poems and writings and comments from the vibrant poetry community here in Santa Fe.  In my own blogs I hope  to explore powerful poems, examine form and content, touch on poets’ lives from my particular perspective,  and simply ramble in the garden of poetic wonders.  Join me when you can.