Cocktail Shaker by Lee Firestone Dunne was a finalist in the Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press Poetry Award in 2008 and published by that press in December 2009.

What’s immediately striking in Lee Dunne’s Cocktail Shaker is the power of her voice, She traverses multiple worlds: South Africa and Chicago, Japan and Newfoundland, American suburbia, and uninhabited nature – and yet her unique vision unifies this collection.

Daggan Coppock, co-editor, Body Language

These poems probe the natural world for clues to the domestic one, where drama unfolds below the skin. Dunne turns, she packs, she conjures, she uses our time wisely, an omniscient gardener tilling good ground.

Julie Sheehan, Orient

With a fearless and unsparing eye, Lee Dunne has rendered life into wisdom….Cocktail Shaker is a masterpiece.

Barbara Helfgott-Hyett, Rift