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I am thrilled to announce a new collection of poems entitled Bosque Rhythms, a collaboration of the five poets in my writing group who met at a writing session at Ghost Ranch in October 2013. The poems in the book are the outcome of our meetings together and a writing retreat in February 2014 when we spent three days at the National Wildlife Refuge in Bosque del Apache, in Socorro, New Mexico. We were inspired by the thousands of migrating cranes and geese who gathered in the cornfields and on the ponds each dawn and dusk.

We celebrated the book launch on November 16th at Op Cit Bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a reading presented by all five poets: myself, Cheryl Marita, Paula Miller, Judy Mosher and Elizabeth O’Brien.

Some praise for the book:
Come join the poets and stand on the flight deck, take a mental photograph and be awed by beauty…This anthology is an exquisite collaboration among five women poets and Nature herself.” ~ Miriam Sagan, poet

“With diverse form and voice, this book sings its readers into the migrant cacophony of wildness, and the Bosque’s relentless cycle of life and death.” ~ Gary Worth Moody, author of Hazards of Grace and Occoquan

“This compilation captures that spiritual connection and reminds us why we work here, visit time and again, share it with our friends and loved ones.” ~ Leigh Ann Vradenburg, Executive Director, Friends of the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge

Bosque Rhythms is available on

I am thrilled to announce that my latest collection of poems – Life in the Poorhouse – is being published this fall by Finishing Line Press.

The poems are memories of my childhood and written to honor my father who spent 34 years caring for the residents of the “Poorhouse” – The Stark County Home – a facility for people who were homeless or had no one to care for them. My family lived there while my father was superintendent.

To give you a taste of what you can expect from the collection, here’s what a few who have read the poems have said:

“It is easy to grow attached to the people that lived at the “Poorhouse” during Dunne’s childhood: Moses, Ella Mae, Miss Tyce and Angel Mary. Dunne’s generous honesty in her writing lets us see the nature and culture of this safe, curious home. We learn about tractors, tree houses, fathers and ghosts. We learn about less, and as a result, about more, in these accessible poems.”
~ Lauren Camp, author of This Business of Wisdom
“In poem after poem, the author remembers how the off-beat members of this ad-hoc family bounced off of and cared for one another under the gentle guidance of her father, the dedicatee of this enchanting collection.”
~ Judith Hemschemeyer, author of five books of poetry and translator of The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova
The size of the first print run depends on advance sales of the book, so I encourage you to order one now if you’re interested — it will really help ensure the size and timing of the book’s release. I will be very appreciative!

The release date for the book is September 7th and advance sales end July 12th.

The size of the first print run depends on advance sales of the book, so I encourage you to order by July 12th if you’re interested.


You can also order by mail.  Send order info and payment to:

Finishing Line Press
PO Box 1626
Georgetown, KY 40324

Books are $14 + $2.49 shipping. If ordering multiple copies, shipping is $2.49 for the first copy and $1.49 for each additional copy.

Thank you so much for your support!

p.s. If you missed my first collection of poems – Cocktail Shaker, published in 2008 – there are still copies available to order online.